Tumors tend to change position within the body for various reasons. During radiation therapy, changes in size and position of a tumor can expose the healthy tissue surrounding the treatment area, to unnecessary, harmful radiation. CALYPSO is a form of IGRT (Image Guided Radiation Therapy) that uses “electromagnetic transponders” that cancer doctors implant into the body, to monitor a tumor’s precise location throughout cancer treatment. Calypso is FDA approved to treat prostate cancer, and may eventually be used to treat other types of cancer as well.


During an outpatient procedure, cancer doctors use small needles to implant tiny transponders, similar in size to a large sesame seed, around the treatment area. During subsequent radiation therapy treatments, the CALYPSO transponders actively communicate the exact location of the tumor.


• CALYPSO has the potential to cause less damage to the healthy tissue during treatment, which often leads to fewer side effects.

• Because the precise location of the tumor can be tracked, higher doses of radiation can be administered, allowing for a shorter treatment period, in addition to higher cure rates.

• A patient can now relax normally during radiation treatments and no longer needs to maximally fill his bladder and be uncomfortable during radiation, due to this advanced technology.

• The Calypso System can treat tumors that are harder to reach, or next to a healthy organ, with less risk of damage being caused to organs.